Housing Allocation Policy: What do you make of it?

Housing allocation policies can be long and confusing documents to get our heads around and seeing as the coalition keeps getting contacted by concerned residents claiming they are being forced to move into unsuitable homes due to a three-month rule, We decided to look at the policy, rules and your rights.

Christmas Evictions Looming For Local Families

Local families should tell the council that you’ve had a Section 21 notice straight away and check our local advice and contacts.

Is This Brighton and Hove’s Most Unlucky Homeless Family?

ETHRAG One of the Housing Coalitions Member Organisations Present a Case Study On What Founder Daniel Harris Thinks is the most Unlucky Brighton Homeless Family.
White 1980s Council Block Bristol Estate

Repairs Chaos Council Report A Six Month Backlog

Council Tenants left frustrated with a six month Housing Repair backlog months after bringing the service back in house

Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition joins with 100 other organisations to call for Local Authorities to ensure no-one is pushed out onto the streets

As lockdown measures are eased, we are extremely concerned that some homeless people, particularly those with NRPF, may be evicted from council-provided accommodation and be forced to return to destitution. This would be a moral, humanitarian and public health catastrophe, especially given that many shelters will be unable to reopen due to ongoing social distancing...


Human Rights Activists are Finding that the rights of its city’s homeless population were often being neglected, the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition – a group of housing activist organizations and individuals – brought the Homeless Bill of Rights before their council. David Thomas explains how BHHC did it and what the future might look...
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