Emergency & Temporary Housing Residents Action Group – Brighton and Hove

Set up on the 8th June 2016, The Emergency and Temporary Housing Residents Action Group (ETHRAG) aims to work with residents, landlords and Brighton and Hove City Council we aim to;

a) To represent the interests of, and promote membership to all the residents within the Brighton and Hove area.

b) To promote the interests and rights of residents and to encourage them to be more actively involved.

c) To ensure that all residents are consulted and informed regularly.

d) To work towards improving the quality of life for local people and their community, offering holistic and creative routes to tackle; Social Exclusion and Isolation, providing residents with a voice, a means of creative expression and a healthier lifestyle and education on their housing rights.

e) To assist and promote social activities for recreation and enjoyment, and encourage a community spirit and sense of responsibility.

f) To be non party political, yet promote membership benefits annually with an invitation for local political parties to join us in an evening of debate and education.

g) To represent the majority view of the community.

h) To take into account the views of children and young people who are not old enough to be voting members.

I) To develop a plan for members future living needs and taking into account any support needs they may require, using research conducted via membership feedback surveys.

J) To provide you information or advice, long-term support, or to become part of a community. We can help members make changes, achieve ambitions and connect with mentors to help to move forward with your lives.

Membership Application – Join Us.

You must be living in Emergency or Temporary Accommodation and placed by Brighton and Hove city

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To find out more about ETHRAG or if you have an enquiry then you are welcome to like our Facebook page and contact through there.

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