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More about the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition is an organisation which unites housing groups to help fix the housing and homelessness crisis in Brighton and Hove. Here is our constitution.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide a city wide coordinating group on all issues relating to housing
  2. To fight for, represent, and support the interests of Council tenants and leaseholders, private renters, those involved in community led housing, and those seeking housing who are in temporary & emergency accommodation or are homeless
  3. To work on the basis of:
  4. Achieving truly affordable accommodation, particularly social housing, on the basic principle that housing is for people and not for profit.
  5. Ending street homelessness
  6. Temporary & Emergency Accommodation owned and managed by BHCC3.4. Utilising empty buildings to provide shelters for those who are homeless
  7. Utilising empty buildings to provide shelters for those who are homeless
  8. Ending the creation of “ghettos” of those with drug/dependency issues, single parent families, those in poverty, or people categorized by any form of so called social deprivation
  9. Providing comprehensive and adequate access to benefits and resources in order to maintain tenancies and prevent homelessness.
  10. Recognising that households be treated as homeless if they receive notice under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (as prescribed by the “Homelessness Code of Guidance” [Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996] and by the {proposed} Homelessness Reduction Bill)

In order to achieve these aims The Coalition will;

  • Provide support for campaigning groups in membership or associated with BHHC
  • Provide up to date information on legislation, national campaigns, legal judgments, and similar material to every group involved in housing for people and not for profit
  • Establish a Working Group to examine all matters discussed by the B&HCC Housing and New Homes Committee to ensure robust analysis of B&HCC policies and their implementation
  • Co-ordinate and provide effective and free advocacy and advice for those in need with regard to housing and benefits linked with housing
  • Establish access to a pool of legal advisors to assist campaigns, groups, and individuals in the City
  • Ensure that information, knowledge, and experience is shared throughout community based organisations and initiatives in the city
  • Organise workshops, seminars, lectures, other events & initiatives on policy, legislation, advocacy & benefits advice, and campaigning


  • Will be independent of party political and B&HCC control or influence
  • Will be open to community based individuals and organisations involved in housing and housing associated issues
  • Will not include statutory bodies or state funded groups but such groups may be invited to participate on the basis they are welcome but must be accountable to, and not controlling of, community initiatives and demands.


  • A Steering Group of representatives of each organisation in membership will be responsible for the work and organisation of The Coalition.

How To Join The Coalition as an Individual Member or Group


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