A Bench & Tree For Nags

We are calling on Brighton & Hove City Council Care Leavers Department to Make This Happen
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Remembering Nathan “Nags” Gulliver

Nathan Was Creative & Talented. He Was Loved By Many.

Nathan who is a popular care leaver from Brighton sadly passed away last week, leaving a lot of people locally very shocked and deeply upset.

Nathan had experienced homelessness as a youth and would always tell me how amazing his support workers were.

Nathan Lived with Bipolar, which is a crippling condition, but one which also gave Nathan a lot of energy and creativity, people miss him a-lot.

Brighton & Hove City Council were Nathans Corporate Parents

We are asking Brighton & Hove City Councils Care Leaver Services To Honour Nathan

One gesture so many people are hoping for is for a memorial bench and a tree to be planted nearby. There are not many people like Nathan, he was a tree, so many branches & leafs which connected to so many people, his roots were strong. 

People are rightly so grieving! People need Hope! Closure! A Private Place To Remember “Nags”.

We are calling on the council to assist the family and friends and make this happen!

A Bench & Tree To Remember Nathan "Nags" Gulliver

We the Undersigned

Urge Brighton & Hove City Council to Provide Nathans Family and Friends with a memorial bench and tree to planted for Nathan Gulliver.

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