Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition need your help!

Do you want to get involved ?

Individual Volunteers

As an individual volunteer, you can work with our members and partner organisations by helping to support those suffering from homelessness & the cost of living crisis.

You will buddy up with successful homelessness advocates and help those in need in Brighton and Hove.

Partner with us

You and your team can make an impact by working directly with homeless clients or engaging in our research and campaign projects for change.

We recently held an Action on Homes Festival of Ideas community housing and homelessness conference and will repeat this to lobby for reform and change.

We need your voice, passion for change and assistance to empower change. Join us!

Please use one of the forms linked below. You’ll typically receive a response within 3-5 days.


Uncheck if you do not want to hear from us Quarterly on Housing and Homelessness News, Events and Coalition Updates, Meetings & Campaigns etc.
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