Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition are Leading the way in Housing & Homelessness Policy, Campaigns and Housing News in Brighton & Hove

Got A Story ?

If you are living in Emergency or Temporary Accommodation, maybe you have a bad landlord, or have been sleeping rough? We want to hear your injustice!

Advocate for change.

We have initiatives happening all over Brighton and Hove to change hearts, minds and laws in support of Homeless people and vital help in moving forward with their lives.

Volunteer your time.

Our volunteer support teams are our most vital force behind everything we do with the homeless in Brighton and Hove. Take a look at our current opportunities to become a volunteer with the Coalition.

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition: Founded in 2017

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition started in 2016 when Brighton and Hove’s Homelessness Crisis got so bad people were taking their own lives and speaking out in the press. Steve Parry our Chairman set out to bring together activists and those with lived homelessness experience, housing legal experts, on-the-ground volunteers, and charity workers to build a coalition of change….

Who We Are?

We are the community and our aims are simply to make our city a fair place to live for all. We want to ensure that no one has to live in poor conditions and/or without rights to decent housing when in need. No one is exempt from homelessness and for that reason our city must be prepared and have plans to resolve our need for truly affordable accommodation.

We believe in fair rents and will continue to campaign for the local council to bring services in-house and to push for a change in culture toward a cross-community approach to managing our current housing crisis

WITH Partner Organisations Such as; Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust, Sussex Homeless Support, Lawstop Brighton & ARCH Healthcare to name just a few.

Addressing Homelessness and Housing Issues in Brighton and Hove

If so why not bring your lived experience, time and passion and help us reform and improve the cities housing and homelessness polices.

We have been scrutinising and developing Housing and Homelessness Policies since 2016. Championing The Homeless Bill of Rights UK Campaign and uniting local housing activists for positive change.

We are delighted to be able to produce a local housing and homeless manifesto for the community of BRIGHTON AND HOVE and We Urge Political Parties and Local Election Councillor Candidates Standing to Demand these policies in your manifestos. 

Want to get in touch ?

Help us to implement change by supporting Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition

Please act now to help get people out of the cycle of homelessness. The cost of living crisis is hard for us all, but for people at the sharp end of poverty, it’s devastating and lives are being lost needlessly. 

Donations can be sent to [email protected]

Our Partners
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