Six Day Boiler Hell: Children Left Without Heating and Hot Water


Freezing Temperatures Outside

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition have today spoken to a resident in temporary accommodation who has been left without heating and hot water for six days. Boiler Hell!

The resident who does not wish to be named, has lived in Temporary accommodation with her three children for 8 years now. The property is managed by the council, but offered as a social let due to being owned by a private landlord.

Middle Aged Boiler

The resident said “My boiler is 42 years old and has never been serviced, the caretaker that came round the other day, said I cannot believe this boiler is still here, that should have been replaced years ago”

Temporary Accommodation Resident

Health Concerns

The coalition understand that the council have provided a couple of electric heaters. The resident is grateful but concerned about going into a second weekend without a working boiler.

She said “I’ve got two little heaters that eat my electric like no tomorrow, my children had a bath last night, it took me 3 hours to do a bath with a kettle and saucepans. My daughter has a heart condition and it can be cold. My bathroom light’s now just gone bang, obviously because the electrics have gotten wet.

When challenged about whether alternative accommodation has been offered with a working boiler, she said:

I asked council, because of my daughters condition they said we can’t do that sorry.

We strongly encourage the council to get this issue resolved today, due to it being a Friday. Either fix the issue or provide them suitable emergency accommodation nearby, maybe a family room in a local hotel or b&b. Anything but no heating and hot water please.

The council have been contacted for comment.

Coalition Comment: Due to this being an emergency situation the tenant is also able to claim back the extra costs incurred for running the expensive storage heaters. The resident can claim from the Local Discretionary Fund to help to cover the extra costs incurred.

Apply for the local discretionary fund here

Having a similar issue?

As always, please do get in touch with us with any issues or concerns around housing and homelessness, we will then get right back to you.
Boiler Hell Brighton

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  1. I’ve litrally had the same problem I’m In Emergency accommodation and had sewage coming up from the shower leaking the toilet system was not even put in properly so stop cock had to go off Monday and only Today plumber came and fixed it so since monday me and my 7 year old daughter have had no toilet shower heating it was discugting but like I say lucky enough I’ve had mine fixed today hope your situation gets sorted it is disgruntled how they leave family’s in those conditions it does get you down and make you illl

    1. Jordon this is also shocking. Very sorry to hear about your troubles. Not sure if you are checking back on this comment, but could you please contact ETHRAG which is the residents group for those like yourself who live in Emergency and Temporary Accommodation. The best email is [email protected] or they can be messaged direct. via there Facebook page. Alternatively you can Get in touch with us via our contact page. Thanks BHHC

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