Campaigners Call For Better Communication For Emergency Severe Weather Provision for Rough Sleepers


Campaigners in Brighton and Hove recently wrote to Brighton and Hove City Council with concerns for this years SWEP (Severe Weather Evacuation Protocol) which is an all year round provision to help save lives when the city faces severe weather.

There has been some confusion, which started last month when campaigners, advocates and volunteers were informed SWEP had been enacted, when severe rainfall and a drop in temperatures.

There was later questions raised at the housing committee around the subject in which the response surprised community volunteers. SWEP had not been enacted. This year due to covid 19, the city has no Homeless Bus Provision from Sussex Homeless Support, so to hear Rough Sleepers were left to their own devices when severe weather arrived was a blow.

Both the Green Party and Labour promised better homelessness support and provision, the Homeless Reduction Board was created to better deal with this cities rough sleeping issues, which comes with lots of others issues as a result.

Campaigners have launched petitions and gained significant support locally for a new and better approach to dealing with rough sleepers, the SWEP protocols were improved, but to have a secret SWEP policy during these desperate times with Covid-19 is a grave concern.

What are the issues the Community Face?

How can the council learn and improve?

What effect will these changes potentially have?

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