Damming BBC Newsnight Report: Britain’s Hidden Children’s Homes

Damming BBC Newsnight Report Britains Hidden Childrens Homes

Police Forces Issue Stark Warning To Local Authorities

In Brighton and Hove today did you know we currently have almost 500 Children that are being looked after by the local authority. These are some of the cities most vulnerable people. 

Last night BBC Newsnight produced a very good piece of investigative journalism around the dangers of Unregulated Hidden Children’s Homes ‘looked after children’ and being placed across the county. Check out this report.

Brighton & Hove Care Leavers: What is your Story

From a local perspective we have sadly seen many care leavers fail to be given the proper duty of care. The law is clear around these matters. Brighton and Hove City Council must to do more to ensure that this practice is eradicated.

Are you are care leaver in Brighton and Hove living in unstable housing currently?
Have you been placed in one of these unregulated Children’s Homes?
Do you have anything unusual or any concerns you want to report to us anonymously?

If so please get in touch below using the contact form below. We also welcome comments on  on the film above. 

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