Financial Transparency over Rotherfield Crescent Development?

Financial Transparency over the Rotherfield Crescent Development

After trying to keep discussions out of the public domain, at the last Brighton and Hove City Council Housing meeting a majority of councillors asked the Chair, Anne Meadows, to have an open discussion of the £1.2 million set aside for this development. The Rotherfield Crescent site containing derelict garages for 4 council homes – a lot more expensive than similar schemes in other parts of the country and no mention of social rents in the proposal. For reasons known perhaps to herself Ms Meadows wanted any discussion to be kept secret on the grounds of ‘financial sensitivity”.

Having to accede to the democratic decision of the majority not to do this she then decided later in the meeting that it could not be discussed because there was not ‘cross party support’ but would be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

When the agenda for the next meeting was published on 9th Jan the discussion of the Rotherfield Crescent development finances was not on the agenda.

Ms Meadows, will this be corrected?

Councillors Sign Pledge to Help Rough Sleepers

On ​3 October Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition urged all citizens of our city to support a request that every councillor should sign a pledge “to ensure that Shelter is available for every person living on the streets of Brighton and Hove this year (2017) and for future years.” On the 15th October the Green Group of councillors, led by Phelim Mac Cafferty, with Dave Gibson and Tom Druitt and supported by Clare Moonan of the Labour Party, signed the Pledge – the first to do so and hopefully not the last. ​

​In signing councillors pledge that, as representatives of the people of our City, Human Beings in Brighton and Hove will be treated at least as well as the dogs and cats on our streets. The Chair of BHHC said, “Perhaps other Councillors will also act on principle rather than political expediency and ensure we are a City of which we can be proud. Nobody should be forced to live on the streets, this is a simple demand and there is no excuse that is acceptable for not meeting this basic requirement of a civilised society”

Barry Steer, Jan’18

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