Housing and Homelessness 2022: Let’s start working in the interests of the service user


Brighton and Hove Council Housing Department locked in a Tug of War with the elected administration and extended community, Housing and Homelessness this year look set to be another year of battles to get serious reform.

The Housing Department at Brighton and Hove City Council has been under huge scrutiny during 2021, kendal Court Row and Treats of a legal battle was a new low in terms of the deaths and the continued strategy internally to rebut some of the best ideas, ignore the truth and gatekeeper the worst of what they do to keep the status quo.

Elected members continue to praise the efforts of council officers in public, but in private it’s a whole other matter. How did the city respond to the covid crisis in regards to housing and homelessness? so many benefited financially from the government grants, and local strategy but has the strategy been a good or bad move for the city?

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