Housing Coalition News: Pride Funding and Recognition from The Big Issue

Housing Coalition News Pride Funding and Recognition from The Big Issue

Our struggle to eradicate rough sleeping continues, even with months of dedicated work on a policy to drive this ambition forward, we find ourselves worrying about the future. The homeless bill of rights has finally passed, but much work needs to be done around how this works in practice.

For the second year running we have been privileged to be awarded a small sum from the The Pride Social Impact Fund, we are proud to support the LGBTQI+ Community and continue to fight for equality and fairness in all our housing and homelessness campaigning.

Talking of change, a few months ago we were featured in the big issue for two stories around the homeless bill of rights. We are extremely proud and grateful to have our work recognised by the big issue as a top 100 changemakers around homelessness and Housing.

Our Legal Officer David Thomas must be recognised for spearheadeding the campaign, he worked hard to unite politicians and campaigners from all sides of the political sphere. Locally Green Party and Labour Councillors united around this UK 1st Policy.

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We only have so many ears and eyes, but often injustice hits when we least expect it, if you are having a housing issue and want to raise this, The Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition want to hear from you. Get In Touch!

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