Social Housing Rent Cap Consultation: How To Take Part!

Who can respond to the Rent Cap Consultation?

Social Housing Tenants are those with council houses, those living in housing association properties, and those with shared ownership. Landlords can also respond.

What is a rent cap?

A rent cap for this consultation refers to the Consumer Price Index, which is currently at 10% and would mean colossal rent rises for many people living in social housing, a new rent cap would reduce the impact of inflation and cap the total amount landlords can increase rents by. There are campaigns to freeze rent rises fully, we have gone with 3%. We recommend you take part in the rent cap consultation and put in your views, ours is just guidance.

When Does The Rent Cap Consultation Finish?

The Rent Cap Consultation is open for 6 weeks and finishes on October 12th 2022. So please take part if you are a tenant living in Social Housing.

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