Take Part in a LGBTQ+ Housing & Homelessness Study

lgbtq+ housing homeless study by Edith England Cardiff Met University

Cardiff University Research and Study

Mapping LGBTQ+ Housing Experiences Across the UK

I have been forwarded an excellent LGBTQ+ Survey from a friend living in London who saw a poster for the wonderful research from Cardiff University. The Survey is the largest of its kind and will assist in gaining more of an understanding of housing and homelessness issues Queer people face. 

How Can Take Part

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • LGBTQ+
  • Live in the UK

Please note you do not need to be homeless currently to take part. 

More information on the wider project

Cardiff University will also be contacting local authorities across the UK with a freedom of information request. They will be conducting face to face interviews and finally producing a report and well as publishing academic papers on the issue. 

The Study is being led by Dr Edith England (Cardiff Metropolitan  University) and Dr Neil Tunbull (Cardiff University) for more information please contact them via email: [email protected]

Take Part in The LGBTQ+ Housing & Homeless Study

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