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25 Questions in relation to the Emergency Accommodation Charter

Learn about the Emergency Accommodation Charter and how it ensures high standards for emergency accommodation providers. Find answers to key questions on monitoring, compliance, resident feedback, training, and more."

The Shocking Truth Behind Homelessness in Brighton and Hove: 43 Deaths in 2022 and Counting

As announced by the Museum of Homelessness, Brighton and Hove have the highest death rates in England per 100,000, and second across the entire UK, beaten only by Belfast.

Whitehawk Class Divide Campaign Logo
Whitehawk Campaign Class Divide Launches Podcast Series

I have been following this wonderful podcast series produced by Class Divide, a Lived Experience Led Education Campaign based in East Brighton.

mega wealthy airbnb companies brighton city centre map
Airbnb Mega Hosts worsen Housing Crisis for Key Workers and Council Tenants in Brighton, as Investment Properties leave them in dire need of Temporary and Affordable Accommodation – with emphasis on “dire”

Learn how Airbnb’s growth in Brighton and Hove, amidst the city’s housing crisis, is affecting the community. Find out how mega hosts and commercial bnb hotel operations are taking over…

Temporary Accommodation issue police at lower rock gardens after an incident
How Many More Homeless Housed Deaths Before An Inquiry Is Called?

I cannot stand by any longer and allow these homeless housed deaths to continue, how many more before those in power act and listen? I want an inquiry into these…

Brighton and Hove’s Homelessness: A System in Crisis

The situation facing homeless individuals in Brighton and Hove is a complex and multifaceted one, and it's clear that more needs to be done to address the issues they face.…

In-House Supported Accommodation: The Best Option for Homeless Youth in Brighton

When you're homeless, you don't have a stable place to sleep, you don't have access to basic necessities like food and water, and you're at a higher risk of abuse…

Community Wealth Building: A Solution to Homelessness in Brighton and Hove

"Looking for a solution to homelessness in Brighton and Hove? The Community Wealth Building Action Plan 2023 outlines a proposal to develop a homeless hub service at the Brighton General…

housing allocations policy is discriminitory campaigner says image graphic showing mobility staircase chair
Housing allocations plan is discriminatory says Campaigner

There is a higher proportion of households with a disability in the Transfer group (62.1%) compared with those from the Homeless group (12.9%).

Andy Winter BHT Sussex Retires after almost 40 years
Andy Winter Retires: Reflecting on Four Decades of Dedication to Housing and Homelessness

Homelessness is not a natural phenomenon, it is an engineered byproduct of a political system that continues to fail, and it has never failed as much as it has in…

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