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Fighting For Fair EDUCATION In East Brighton

A Real Class Act

I have been following this wonderful podcast series produced by Class Divide, a Lived Experience Led Education Campaign based in East Brighton. 

In an interesting move to make people listen to the personal lived experiences of those growing up on the Whitehawk Estate, people have spoken out and want change in the area. 

This is following campaigns to get free bus travel for school children living in the Whitehawk Estate, whose high school was closed down in the early 2000s and ever since, local have had to travel a lot further to access education.

Episode 1 - The Early Years

This episode narrated and produced by Curtis James & is co-produced by Dr Carlie Goldsmith. 

Reaction to Episode 1

Episode 2 - The hills and the hollows

This episode narrated and produced by Curtis James & is co-produced by Dr Carlie Goldsmith. 

Class Divides 5 Demands To BRIGHTON AND HOVE City Council

Ensure the Local Authority produces an annual report on the school outcomes and attainment of children living Whitehawk, Bristol Estate and Manor Farm that is presented to the Children, Young People and Skills Committee and shared with the community and online. 

Ensure the Local Authority publishes a plan that specifically addresses what actions will be taken to reduce the identified educational inequalities experienced by children, young people and adults in our area.

This should include closing gaps in attainment, exclusion, access to learning across the life-course, and levels of financial investment. This plan will be subject to annual review with updates circulated to the community. 

Make training on the experiences of working-class children in education compulsory for all school leaders and teachers in Brighton and Hove. 

Reduce the rate of school exclusions and the placement of our children in alternative schools to the Brighton and Hove average, with a plan for further reduction by moving away from punishment approaches to behaviour management towards models informed by an understanding of the social and emotional development of children. 

Give local people a second chance by providing local learning and training opportunities and develop advocacy support for parents struggling to keep their children in school.

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