Council Flats and Title "three mothers plea for fair social housing policies"
Three Mothers Plead for Fair Social Housing Allocations

In the recent Housing Committee session three brave mothers who are on the social housing waiting list raise important questions and concerns and Plead for Fair Social Housing Allocations

enterprise point property plans show a large development of mixed housing / co living homes and co living workspaces
Property Guardianship Evictions Scandal Brighton: Dozens Made Homeless

Explore the impact of property guardianship evictions in Brighton & Hove, affecting Civil Servants and exacerbating the local housing crisis.

Rights for the Homeless in Brighton and Hove
Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition launches Homeless Bill of Rights with support from local MPs and organisations

Why can't we all have equal rights in society? we can now with this UK first. Check out our video of the Launch.

Awabb Ishak In garden or park as a toddler who sadly passed away
Preventable Mould Death: Awaab Ishak failed in a “defining moment” for the housing sector

Poor Little Awaab. A Life stolen by green, ignorance and gross negligence. Change must come!

Legal Matters Evictions from Emergency Temporary Accommodation. Title Image
Legal Matters: Evictions from Emergency & Temporary Accommodation

We challenge the rules around emergency accommodation licence agreements and being intentionally homeless in this case study

Guardianship Schemes
Guardianship Schemes

Guardianship schemes Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition is in favour in principle of the idea of using properties that are standing empty pending redevelopment or demolition as temporary homes for…

Homelessness End of Life Care Bill
Homelessness: End of Life Care Bill

Homelessness (End of Life Care) Act 2018. First Reading.


Human Rights Activists are Finding that the rights of its city’s homeless population were often being neglected, the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition – a group of housing activist organizations…

Is This Brighton and Hoves Most Unlucky Homeless Family
Is This Brighton and Hove’s Most Unlucky Homeless Family?

ETHRAG One of the Housing Coalitions Member Organisations Present a Case Study On What Founder Daniel Harris Thinks is the most Unlucky Brighton Homeless Family.

Brighton Homeless Campaigners Launch a Deputation on Homelessness

What are local Campaigners doing to Improve Homelessness provision in Brighton and Hove this Winter?

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