brighton and hove average rents vs housing benefit grapth 2022. More evidence for new council homes including temp accommodation and emergency accommodation. Some private sector providers have a gun to the councils head. Social Cleansing, I’ve raised council homes for sharers before, it seems this is needed now. Allocations policy review?
Brighton Homeless Exclusive: NHS Key Worker Speaks Out

What has Brighton come to when a Homeless NHS Key Workers cannot even find a room to rent?

Coalition Videos Part 1

At the Housing Coalition we like to document important events. We deliver videos to help you better understand the work we do.

labour-scrapping-joint-venture Title Image
Labour Scrapping The Joint Venture?

Fact Check Hyde's performance information for Jan 2018 shows just 83% are satisfied with the repair service.

Is This Brighton and Hoves Most Unlucky Homeless Family
Is This Brighton and Hove’s Most Unlucky Homeless Family?

ETHRAG One of the Housing Coalitions Member Organisations Present a Case Study On What Founder Daniel Harris Thinks is the most Unlucky Brighton Homeless Family.

Watch The Coalitions David Thomas Grill The Council

When Red Tape overrides Logic and Compassion!

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