housing allocations policy is discriminitory campaigner says image graphic showing mobility staircase chair
Housing allocations plan is discriminatory says Campaigner

There is a higher proportion of households with a disability in the Transfer group (62.1%) compared with those from the Homeless group (12.9%).

Andy Winter BHT Sussex Retires after almost 40 years
Andy Winter Retires: Reflecting on Four Decades of Dedication to Housing and Homelessness

Homelessness is not a natural phenomenon, it is an engineered byproduct of a political system that continues to fail, and it has never failed as much as it has in…

Brighton Gasworks Development Artist Impression
Brighton Gasworks Campaign Speak Out After Misleading Argus Article

On behalf of The Gasworks Site Coalition A completely misleading impression was given in the article by Ellie Crabbe in The Argus on the 4th December that much local opposition…

average number rented flats April 2021 to March 2022. 31 Studio Flats, 73 1-bed flats and 151 2-bed flats. Down 60% Annually
Exclusive: Brighton Rental Market In A NEW Supply Crisis

The number of holiday lets has doubled in Brighton and Hove in five years!

brighton and hove average rents vs housing benefit grapth 2022. More evidence for new council homes including temp accommodation and emergency accommodation. Some private sector providers have a gun to the councils head. Social Cleansing, I’ve raised council homes for sharers before, it seems this is needed now. Allocations policy review?
Brighton Homeless Exclusive: NHS Key Worker Speaks Out

What has Brighton come to when a Homeless NHS Key Workers cannot even find a room to rent?

Awabb Ishak In garden or park as a toddler who sadly passed away
Preventable Mould Death: Awaab Ishak failed in a “defining moment” for the housing sector

Poor Little Awaab. A Life stolen by green, ignorance and gross negligence. Change must come!

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