Brighton Area Housing Panels: Attendance at all time low

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One of the aims of the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition is to scrutinise local council polices. The Area Housing Panels are a sub-committee which meets four times a year and includes elected councillors, council officers council tenants, and representatives from these resident associations:

Albion Hill Residents AssociationEssex Place Tenants AssociationHampshire Court Residents AssociationHereford Court Community Association, ​Hanover Residents AssociationHighcroft Lodge Residents AssociationLeach Court Tenants Association, Malthouse Court Residents AssociationMayflower Square Tenants Association, ​Milner and Kingswood Tenants AssociationMount Pleasant Residents AssociationQueens Park Community Association, ​Rose Hill Court Tenants AssociationSt James House Community Association, ​Somerset Point Residents AssociationSylvan Hall Residents AssociationTheobald House Residents AssociationWarwick Mount Residents Association, Wellington Road Tenants & Residents Association and Wiltshire House Residents Association.

Brighton and Hove Housing Management Panel Meetings

East Area: 15.10.18
At the last meeting (3.9.18) attendance was 5 residents, 9 officers, and one councillor

2/1 vs Council Tenants is very sad to see and quite undemocratic.

West Hove & Portslade Area: 16.10.18
At the last meeting (28.8.18) attendance was 9 residents (from 6 Associations), and 9 officers.

Central Area: 17.10.18
At the last meeting (9.9.18) attendance was 10 residents, 8 officers, and one councillor

North Area: 2510.18
At the last meeting (6.9.18) attendance was 8 residents (from 5 Associations), 4 officers, 2 representatives from K&T Heating, and one councillor

Campaign For Council Tenants To Attend Panel Meetings

With so much going on at the moment its vital that council tenants in Brighton and Hove consider joining your local resident association. We recommend you contact the elected secretary or chair in the first instance.

Whilst it is important that we have Resident Involvement Officers, its clear the current structure around the panels is not working. The attendance is far too low and must change.

Council Housing Allocations Policy changes, the Mears contract renegotiation and the loss of community spaces across the city is an absolute crying shame.

If you are a council Tenant in Brighton and Hove and want to get more involved, you could also contact us using the below form and we will point you in the right direction.

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