North Whitehawk Residents Association: A Groundbreaking Step in the Ongoing Working-Class Struggle of Brighton’s Whitehawk Community

New North Whitehawk Residents Association gains support from local MP and Councillor, promising community-led change in Brighton's neglected estate.

Brighton Gasworks Development Artist Impression
Brighton Gasworks Campaign Speak Out After Misleading Argus Article

On behalf of The Gasworks Site Coalition A completely misleading impression was given in the article by Ellie Crabbe in The Argus on the 4th December that much local opposition…

brighton and hove average rents vs housing benefit grapth 2022. More evidence for new council homes including temp accommodation and emergency accommodation. Some private sector providers have a gun to the councils head. Social Cleansing, I’ve raised council homes for sharers before, it seems this is needed now. Allocations policy review?
Brighton Homeless Exclusive: NHS Key Worker Speaks Out

What has Brighton come to when a Homeless NHS Key Workers cannot even find a room to rent?

Brighton Area Housing Panels Attendance at all time low. Title Image
Brighton Area Housing Panels: Attendance at all time low

The erosion of local Area Housing Panels shows why its more vital than ever that council tenants join their local resident associations.

Brighton Man Speaks Out: I’ve been dumped in Emergency Accommodation for 6 years to Rot!

Dumped in Emergency Accommodation to Rot Campaigners in Brighton and Hove were recently contacted by a vulnerable Brighton man who claims to have been left to “rot” and feels he…

Former nightclub Ocean Rooms to become a Homeless Shelter title image
Former nightclub Ocean Rooms to become a Homeless Shelter?

Last Year housing campaigner John Hadman started a visionary campaign which would propose the council acquire the former popular nightclub Ocean Rooms located at Morley Street Brighton. John who is…

Mobile Bus Shelter for the Homelesss

Recently the charity has acquired an old school bus and is converting it to a mobile night shelter. There are ten bunks upstairs and seating and bathroom area downstairs. Construction…

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