Mobile Bus Shelter for the Homelesss


Mobile Bus Shelter for the Homelesss

On Friday 26th January 2018 at the Peace Statue next to Hove Lawns Sussex Homeless Support launched the Bus Shelter Project.

Recently the charity has acquired an old school bus and is converting it to a mobile night shelter. There are ten bunks upstairs and seating and bathroom area downstairs. Construction is nearly finished but volunteers are still required for some DIY and for overnight support when the bus is active. The bus will also act as education so schools for example can see and learn more about the homeless crisis. We aim to have people in bunks by the end of January and our official launch date is 10 February 2017.

After a week it has proved to be a strain but also proved to be worth the effort.

The numbers have gone up every night and we are now at maximum, although I just heard one bed will be available as client has a place in a hostel.

We are also going to increase by 1 giving a total number of clients as 11, we also have 2 staff that are Technically Homeless and 2 experienced staff, licensed security is 24 x 7 and separate. We have used two locations, Peace Statue and Far end of Seafront opposite Crazy Golf at Volks Nightclub (this has been ideal as it is a location Music Tour Buses use). it has no residents and can bother no one at night, there is more noise from the kids in their cars driving up and down.

What we need to do is get a parking pass for Bus from the City Council sorted so it can park in the city. We are a charity so this should be straight forward, shouldn’t it?.

With regard to toilets – 2 staff and 1 client are disabled. There are RADAR Keys for disabled toilets, such as the ones at the Volleyball court but they are double locked at night.

I hope we will be provided with a key so we are able to use these toilets we will check before and after and lock etc, this should be straight forward, there are also bins there which I would like to use. I have a key so I just permission.

I also need a parking permit for our trusted van that is collecting and delivering 7 days a week all over city. I keep getting tickets that do get lifted on appeal but it just would be easier for everyone if this didn’t happen. .

There has already been two cases that have been life changing and without that bus where it was there would have been a serious outcome so support is deserved.

Jim Deans Urgent Appeal Statement Jan 2018

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