The Shocking Truth Behind Homelessness in Brighton and Hove: 43 Deaths in 2022 and Counting

As announced by the Museum of Homelessness, Brighton and Hove have the highest death rates in England per 100,000, and second across the entire UK, beaten only by Belfast.

Rights for the Homeless in Brighton and Hove
Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition launches Homeless Bill of Rights with support from local MPs and organisations

Why can't we all have equal rights in society? we can now with this UK first. Check out our video of the Launch.

Legal Matters Evictions from Emergency Temporary Accommodation. Title Image
Legal Matters: Evictions from Emergency & Temporary Accommodation

We challenge the rules around emergency accommodation licence agreements and being intentionally homeless in this case study

Brighton Man Speaks Out: I’ve been dumped in Emergency Accommodation for 6 years to Rot!

Dumped in Emergency Accommodation to Rot Campaigners in Brighton and Hove were recently contacted by a vulnerable Brighton man who claims to have been left to “rot” and feels he…

Is This Brighton and Hoves Most Unlucky Homeless Family
Is This Brighton and Hove’s Most Unlucky Homeless Family?

ETHRAG One of the Housing Coalitions Member Organisations Present a Case Study On What Founder Daniel Harris Thinks is the most Unlucky Brighton Homeless Family.

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